What Is a Domain Name Registry Service?

Well, if you are not new to information technology, the words ‘domain registry’ are not new to you. However, you may be wondering what is all about domain and registry. A registry as you know it from filing means a data storage place. Does it mean the same on internet domain or is it the same term with a different meaning?

Here is what you need to know about domain name registry service:


A domain name registry is a databank of all domain names with their corresponding information in the domain names system of the top level domain where a third part can get permission to control and administrate a domain name. In simple terms, a domain registry is a record of all domain names under the top level domains where an entity can seek for authority to manage and control a given domain.

Registries are usually organizations that own domain names or have maximum control over it. A registry makes policies and controls a domain name. For instance, the company that owns .com extension is a domain registry. Notably, these organizations can either deal with customers directly or delegate that function to other agencies.

Types of domain name registries

As mentioned above, domain registry is owners of domain extensions.  Think of domains as virtual real estates. You know of companies that buy large pieces of land in a given place and then slice it into smaller pieces and sell them. Or build houses for reselling purposes. All the lands or buildings have the same address, location, use the same road or share a field but different house or plot numbers.

The same idea applies to domain registries. These are companies, cooperatives or even government entities that own domain extensions. All people willing to use those extensions have to pay for a domain name. All organizations and individuals who purchase a .com domain extension all operate under the same domain registrar. For instance, US government is the owner of .gov extension. Therefore, US government is the domain registry for all .gov entities domain names.


A domain name registry service is the function of managing and developing policies to control the usage of domain extensions. The owners of domain extensions such as .com, .net, .gov, among others are referred to as domain registries. These organizations or individuals cannot sell a domain name directly to you unless it operates both as a registry as well as a registrar.

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