Explained: Web Hosting and Hosting Models

Web hosting…

You are aware of the word host. When a visitor comes to your place, you become their host. You offer services to them, accommodate them, as well as managing them.

When it comes to the website, the same approach applies. For your site to operate, it requires a platform or spaces where all the data or files you need to share with the prospective audience will be stored. For instance, a little bit away from computers. Think of having a room where you store your belongings, your clothes, utensils, bags, beddings, electronics, and furniture; this is hosting your personal effects.

Web hosting means a space of storing your website. Here you store your website files in the form of documents, HTML, videos, images, and any other web compatible files.  However, to share your information with the prospective audience, you need servers. As such, organizations that offer or rents you space on their servers to enhance the accessibility of your files by other computers through the internet is known as a Webhosting company.

  Accordingly, there are several types of web hosting. Namely:

  • Cloud hostingThis is a hosting model where several servers work together in hosting many websites. As such, your website does not go down due to high traffic of audience. In simple terms, cloud hosting is where you host your site on virtual servers where the resources originate from various computers in the network.
  • Shared hostingShared hosting is where your site shares same hosting resources with other sites on a single server. Think of it as a hotel. You are all served food from the same kitchen and the same pot. Shared hosting uses the same approach where all sites use the same RAM and CPU.

Virtual private server hosting (VPS)   

Virtual private server hosting is where a hosting company offers a virtual server to each site which operates on a shared server.  It is like working in the same office where each staff has their desk. They share the same room and resources but operate at their desks. VPS hosting applies a similar approach.

  • Dedicated hostingApart from the cloud, shared and VPS hosting, you get a dedicated web hosting service. Dedicated hosting is where your site is hosted on a server without sharing with any other server. You have the maximum control over the server space you rent. However, this hosting type is very expensive compared to all other hosting types.

And that’s all about the meaning of web hosting as well as different types of hosting.

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