Using Affiliate Marketing for Your eCommerce Business Growth

Like the saying goes, ‘if you want to go fast, you will go alone, but if you want to go far, you will go together’. The same applies to affiliate marketing. Success is not a one-man job. At some point you will need a team of professionals to get you to your goals. In eCommerce, this team is affiliate marketing, one of the most effective sales funnels. Affiliates will help you sell your products; you need only pay them well to guarantee ultimate success.

How it will work for your eCommerce business

It is pretty basic. You simply get other people to market your products and send traffic to your website. You then pay them a commission for any product that sold through them. Think of it as hiring a marketer for your company to get your products moving.

You will give your affiliates a special hyperlink they can use to post on their sites. This hyperlink has an ID code helping you track their activities. You will find those putting an effort from those who aren’t.

Get started to generate sales for your eCommerce products

You do not want to waste your hard-earned money on something that won’t work. Therefore, you need to find the right affiliates to align with to boost your sales.

You also need to know how much of your sales profits you are willing to part with to pay your affiliate. You can choose 2%, 5%, or even as high as you want. Just note that the higher the percentage you give your affiliate the higher the traffic your business site will get. Simple human nature seeks motivation to do tasks. A good pay is one of the best ways to motivate your employees to do more at their job.

Sign up into an affiliate marketing network to help with your eCommerce business

What affiliate marketing networks do for you is offer a marketplace for you to advertise your affiliate programs such as Commission Junction and LinkShare. These networks also come with tracking software that will help you build a tracking system allowing you to know what your affiliates are doing with your products.

Affiliate networks do not come free. You should factor in this additional cost to what you will pay your affiliates to figure out if you can afford them.

Build your own affiliate tracking system to track your eCommerce business product sales

If you cannot afford the charges that come with affiliate networks, you can build your own affiliate tracking system. Some hosting providers like Shopify have modules and plugins you can use to start your own tracking system. It is up to you to creatively advertise your affiliate program to attract the right affiliates.


Be ready to attract the wrong affiliates too once the ad is up. But good ones will also come along. Once you get the perfect one for you, don’t be stingy. Pay them well for a good job done.

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